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sex toys classification

the van-vincent component spray

Premature ejaculation is the most common in the normal foreskin cover the glans, erection glans exposed. Experts tracking survey found hidden under the foreskin, the glans mucosa usually by friction usual glans mucosa, stimulate small, makes the glans mucosa nervous feeling too sensitive. When the sexual life, erectile glans exposed the glans mucosa nerves too delicate and sensitive glans and vaginal friction, stimulus will trigger premature ejaculation, cause premature ejaculation. Can try to contact the Van-vincent ingredients sprays, mild narcotic effect prolong the intercourse time. Penis time increased friction and vaginal intercourse process will gradually play a role of protection the glans and extend time to form a layer of the cuticle surface of the glans. In much the same situation with no callouses, premature ejaculation naturally without medication and more
Strengthen sexual stimulation class

Glans Coronal ring (with elastic ring protrusion irritants fixed under the glans Coronal), penis jacket (the use of silica gel material, can 'increase, the lengthened' penis, multi-band projections irritant), with projection irritants condoms. Their role in order to increase and strengthen vaginal stimulation, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.
Lubricant class

Such sex toys suitable for sexual arousal or postmenopausal women. It can lubricate the vagina intercourse reduction of discomfort and even pain. Lack of sexual experience, and spirit too tense and difficult to fully sexual arousal female is also very suitable to use, it can make women more prone to habits to adapt to the insertion of the penis. A lot of lubricant will add ingredients to stimulate the female, a bias towards interesting special class products.
The masturbation class fun supplies

Male and female apparatus, they are a good substitute for the lack of sexual partners of men and women. Sexual impulses, as we have said, is a kind of energy, it is better to give it a suitable release pathway with its painful repression, so this kind of sex toys (of supplies) does help the couple separated in two places using is worth noting female products sold mainly men.
Sexy lingerie

Sexy underwear belonging to sex toys (English translated sexy lingerie), is a product of the combination of visual stimulation sex product to meet the spiritual needs of the human material life improve. More precisely, it is called domestic sexy lingerie Erotic Clothing product between underwear and clothing. And numerous sex toys, sexy lingerie in Europe and the United States and other countries has been a very popular product, but sexy lingerie in China in the past two years, gradually public acceptance. It can be predicted that, with the improvement of domestic material life, sexy lingerie, will gradually move towards the ordinary people's homes. Sexy lingerie underwear derivatives Unlike conventional underwear, the focus tends to "sexy", to form a visual stimulus, so as to achieve physiological sensory stimulation.
Other sex toys and health supplies

Such as increased interest in sex sex toys, sex products, some particularity hobby sex toys, such as sadomasochistic sm supplies, sexy lingerie.

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