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Anti-bullying projects and events make waves

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y have been one of the first, in 1998,?with its invaluable support line (866-488-7386) that provides crisis intervention to LGBTQ youth. They now offer suicide prevention services digitally as well, by way of instant messaging and social networking.


The It Gets Better Project, founded in 2010, was revolutionary in the fight against LGBTQ bullying, and it is still going strong, with more than 50,000 user-submitted videos. In fact, tomorrow night (October 9th at 11 p.m.) marks the premiere of their second hour-long special on MTV and Logo. The first special, which you can watch online, aired in February. Both programs follow several young LGBTQ people as they face and overcome obstacles, proving that life is worth living especially after high school.And theres a new and exciting project on the horizon that has taken a page from It Gets Betters book. Its a website called?Equalize Youth.?Right now they are asking for funding via?Indiegogo, but it will be?a place where LGBTQ youth can find support from people who are similar to them folk.

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