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Can you use masturbation?

You might think that sex toys are only solo play when your partner is away, but incorporating them into your sex life can be hugely rewarding and make for even better orgasms for you both.When it comes to treating your other half, we’ve got everything you need to set the scene. Body oils, lingerie and sexy games are great to get you both in the mood, and if you’re after something different, scented massage candles not only smell great but melt to body-safe temperature and can be used for a deliciously seductive rub-down.


Vibrating cock rings make a great gift for couples. Designed to restrict blood flow, cock rings make his erection harder for longer, delaying his climax, whilst the vibrations stimulate her clitoris and increase the chances of the ultimate sexual goal: simultaneous orgasm.One of the newest additions to the couple’s sex toy market designed precisely to aid climaxing together is the vibrating dual stimulator.


Cleverly be worn inside the vagina during lovemaking, these toys provide amazing sensations to her clitoris and G-spot as well as his penis for hands-free pleasure during sex. Several of these are also remote control vibes, making the possibilities even more exciting.Bondage kits can be a fantastic gift idea for both partners. Whether you’re submissive, assertive or a natural ‘switch’ between both roles, every couple can benefit from blindfolds and light restraints for gentle bondage play.Sex toys are a great way for couples to get the most out of their sex life. Whether your partner is new to the world of gadgets in the bedroom or is a sexual connoisseur, we’ve put together a list of the top ten sexy treats you and your lover can enjoy together this Christmas..box .blocklink {display: block;text-align: center;}.box {border-bottom: 0;}#blog .post img {margin: 0 auto;}#nblog {margin-right: 0;}#nblog li {list-style:none;}.bd iframe{min-height:400px}1. We-Vibe 3 Remote Control Couple's Vibrator99.99The We-Vibe 3 is a nifty little toy designed to enhance lovemaking without getting in the way!This flexible vibrator is worn snugly by the woman to deliver vibrations to her G-spot and clitoris whilst leaving plenty of room for him."We both get benefits from it … it feels like Rox's whole vagina is vibrating, bringing me to orgasm very quickly and powerfully.”- BitofWOW, my blog customer.See more Luxury Vibrators2. Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Love Ring14.99If you.


all the time and promised replacements. Then she called Metis Black, president of Tantus, who said, you know what that is, dont you?Pritchett quickly went to work researching phthalates and toxins in sex toys. She talked to others in the industry, fought with her distributor, and realized how huge of an issue she had stumbled upon. It was at this point that the mission of The Smitten Kitten shifted to encompass social justice, environmental justice, and personal health. The stores entire inventory was revamped, despite the fact that eliminating the toxic toys made it difficult to fill even a 500 square foot shop.Now there was an explanation for all the burning, rashes, bacterial infections, and unexplained irritation that consumers were having after using sex toys. Still, the conversation needed to change, because most consumers just thought they were too sensitive. Pritchett explains,What we really worked to do was flip that conversation around. Your bodys having a perfectly natural and appropriate reaction to a .


nty of girth, we reckon the Curvy Tickler is best enjoyed with lots of lube!Seti Power TicklerA sweet, flower-style clitoral vibrator, great for all sorts of playa versatile vibe you can really use your imagintion with!And you can check out the rest of the Tickler family hereShare|.

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