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Google also has active LGBT employee groups called Gayglers all around the world

Tenga Egg TwisterHere at Sh!, we dont get to review the boys toys we stock ourselves but of course we want to get feedback on them and make sure theyre great! So we asked a lovely fellah we know for a review of one of our brand new Boys Toys, the Tenga Egg Twister and the results are back today!The Twister looks kinda odd when I first saw it sextoysbrand, I thought it might be chocolat sextoysbrand.


In June, they fought back against the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act by offering reimbursement to gay employees whose domestic-partner health insurance benefits are taxed as income by the federal government.Google also has active LGBT employee groups called Gayglers all around the world.


Sexuality, the Human Mating Season and an Island Called Dildo: my blog's Week in Sex News.Because I know you'll ask, the mug is the Outlandish Creations Strumpet Mug from Coco der .


Index has proved a motivating force for many companies, according to Todd Solomon, a Chicago attorney who specializes in LGBT employee benefits issues.It has provided the extra push necessary for employers to begin implementing inclusive benefits.his is not the first awesome thing Google has done for its LGBT employees this year.

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