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Before anyone gets their frilly knickers in a twist

By ReneeLove it or loathe it, the best-selling trilogy 50 Shades of Grey by British authoress EL James caused enormous waves across the globe throughout 2012.The Sh! Girlz read the books (and rather enjoyed them), and we ca t wait to see the kinky love-story on the big screen.We think ultra-handsome Matt Bomer would make an excellent Christian Grey, but w ll just have to wait and see…


Fingers crossed, girlz! Before anyone gets their frilly knickers in a twist, w d like you to overlook a small number of issues for the next 10 minutes: any unsafe BDSM practices mentioned in the book;whether or not it is fair that the book portrays Christian Grey as having become a Dominant due to childhood abuse and, lastly, whether or not i s possible for someone new to sex to experience earth-shattering orgasms at the click of a Do s fingers (hey – i s erotic fiction, anything can happen!).Please, disregard all of that.Right now, tha s not what we want to talk about.Instead ~ may we please dra.

it’ a useful reminder of the importance of using good quality sex toys –and to avoid combining them with oil or silicone-based lubes, which can cause them to deteriorate.ut back to the present.I’ sure you’e explained to him how you miss this aspect of your lovemaking, and how much it turns you on, turning him on in this way.


If he has a cream in his drawer, it sounds as though the haemorrhoids are more than just a story to avoid anal play.Having said that, we tend to use ‘aemorrhoids’as a blanket term, when there are in fact a host of problems that can cause soreness and discomfort in the anal area, including fissures (small cracks) and infections, any of which would benefit from medical attention.ither way, he should get a GP referral to a specialist for a checkup and to discuss choices of treatment to put things right –for his own health and wellbeing, apart from anything else.Despite your (and his) previous enjoyment of anal play, we do tend to feel shy of showing partners or even a doctor problems down there, but it’ very important that he does.


Her hot spots, get her to show you the kind of touch she prefers.In just one evening you’l learn more about her than any guide could tell you - and your confidence will start to soar.efreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life.The Greatest Sex Tips in the World explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment.

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