Hi, i am Belle, i have a adult sex toys store, and i also have a lot of time, so, i create this blog,to write some articles about sex toys, i hope you like it.

This particular 7 days upon Adult toys TELEVISION

Venus Berlin is the equivalent of the UK's Erotica Show but much, much bigger. And much, much dirtier.Alongside all the traders and stalls you'll find live sex sh.


severe skin damage. Its the prune effect gone wild. So, shes suing the company that made the bath for $50,000 and beyond, plus the cost of the lawsuit.


If youre going to be literally stuck in a bath for more than thirty hours, what are you going to do to pass the time whilst waiting for someone, anyone, to rescue you? You could soap the sides hoping youll pop out. Maybe keep a bottle of bath oil handy for moments like this when you need for your body to have the consistency of a Slip N Slide.


Then there are waterproof vibrators. In between using your loofah body brush as a shoe horn.


osen back up. Once I did, though, the glass dildo was a delight. There was no give with this toy – it was pure hard pounding pleasure. The bumps on the side gave me that much more of a pleasing sensation, and before I knew it I was bucking my hips up from one of the more intense orgasms I’d ever had.


I’ve since learned that if you’re not into the cold temperature that glass toys start out as, you can easily warm them in a bowl of hot water, until they reach the desired temperature. The first time for me was a bit of a shock, but I am really into it now. I love how it starts off all cold then warms up to my body temperature as I use it.



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