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Tuesday Taste Test - Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Melts

THE THEORIES AND FINDINGS FROM THE TASTING OF A FREEZABLE INTIMATE LUBRICANT AND MASSAGE GELA Report by Carly "Pleasure" DrewDurex Play 2 in 1 Massage Melts are individually packaged 75ml sachets of clear liquid that can be frozen and used as part of an icy cool massage or simply used as an intimate lubricant.Unfortunately we don't have a freezer in the office (but we do have an office dog that's made of plastic and has a very interesting choice of orifices) so I can't test them out in their frozen state but I think Durex are really on to something with the freezable idea.


Remember when you were younger and, during the winter, you thought you'd give the lamp post a lick as it was covered in delicious frost? Just me? Well, more than likely you got your tongue stuck to it but that needn't happen anymore! We just need to find some way of evaporating Durex's patented Play 2 in 1 Massage Melts Lubricant and when it gets cold and frosty, you can lick lamp posts to your heart's content!The lubricant is packaged nice and simply in a clear plastic box, with white and purple 'ice' graphics, but the real pinnacle of packaging design comes with the individual sachets themselves! These are made of vacuum formed and sealed plastic that you can turn upside down and just leasure.


The 5-speed vibro bullet is as quiet as a tomb. Its also wonderfully small and compact but dont let its small size fool you. This little vibrator packs a wallop. It has five different vibration, escalation, and pulsation patterns. Use it on your labia, clitoris, inside your vagina, on your nipples, and numerous other erogenous zones. Its 2.5 inches long and 3 inches in circumference.


This sugar-free confection tastes delicious and smells divine. Enjoy a tasty delight that wont rot your teeth! Spread it over her breasts and wait until the oil warms. Blow on it to make it even more warm. Shell squirm with delight. Suck, nibble, and fondle to your hearts content and youre on your way to intense orgasms! Dont limit the oil to her breasts. Use it on all your hot spots and make them hotter with warming oil!



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