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Adult toy Supplies Manual

Nowadays sex toys are made of a huge range of materials- rubbers, silicones, plastic, wood, glass or metalthe list goes on. However, it can be tricky to know what materials are suitable for your needs and there are certain types of rubber that have been used to create sex toys in the past that are actually harmful to you.


So weve attempted to simplify the huge list of materials into a manageable list of substances that are most commonly found in toys.



Go on most sex toy reviewers websites and theyll have a post telling you about the dangers of Phthalates. Basically Phthalates are a chemical compound added to certain materials (PVC in particular) in order to make them more picobong kaya pliable i.e. ‘jelly-like. Although these do a great job of making the material feel squishy and flesh-like they can have unpleasant odours and will often react in nasty ways with other materials or even your skin. The way that these Phthalates and the plastics are bonded means that over time they break down and the phthalates are released into the atmosphere.


The more exposure you have with phthalates, the greater the chance of skin irritation, breathing difficulties, hormone imbalance and even more serious internal organ damage. Although phthalates are used in a huge variety of materials that you may come into contact with on a daily basis, the intimate use of sex toys means that you should always shop for phthalate-free dildos, vibrators and toys to limit the risk adult sex toys of over-exposure.


Silicone, glass, ABS plastic, metal and acrylic, TPR and TPE sex toys DO NOT contain any phthalates whatsoever. However, plastic softening phthalate replacements that are not harmful are also used in the manufacture of sex toys, so ‘rubbery feel toys should not necessarily be discounted. If you are in any doubt, always contact us for more information. Our product descriptions will always state ‘phthalate-free where appropriate.


ABS Plastic

ABS is a hard, rigid and often shiny problem. Hernia surgery and now barely ejaculating. How to control issues and squirting.

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