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Theres a new drug appearing in South America and its a nasty one. Its called Oxi, a. k. a. rust. Its highly addictive, reportedly twice as addictive as cocaine, and OMG THE SNAKES! GET RID OF THE SNAKES!! hallucinogenic. This drug is a potent blend of cocaine, gasoline, kerosene, and quicklime.


Yuck! Who the hell comes up with these blends? So when you die from an overdose the quicklime will dissolve your body soon enough. Or you may set your corpse on fire. With all that fuel youve inhaled you should light up in no time.


is penis for penetration. In this somewhat handstand position, the woman is supported entirely by her own forearms and her lover holding her legs.


Divebomb – Another position where the man is doing all the action! First, the woman lays on the bed – but only half of her. Her hips, legs and feet remain on the bed while her stomach, chest and arms hang off the side. She will support her weight with her arms against the floor. The man is almost her mirror image – his feet, legs and hips rest against hers. Using his arms in a push-up position on his lover’s back, he uses that leverage to rock back and forth for penetration. Not a position for a very heavy man!


Standing Splits – Unless you can do a full split, ladies – don’t bother reading any further! This time, the man is back.


Left us beaming for days!Heather said: "I'm thrilled to have come runner up in my blog's erotic short story competition.I'm a big fan of erotica and thought I'd have a go at writing my own sexy story. I'm definitely going to keep on writing and I hope the competition has encouraged others to do the same. Thanks my blog!"Download Working Up A Sweat now and check the rest of the Erotic Fiction blog for more free sex stories and naughty extracts..

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