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Research Discovers Gardasil is actually Secure, Nj Lawmaker Looks for Prohibit upon Reparative Treatment

New Study Finds Gardasil is Safe

A new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine found that Gardasil, one of the vaccines designed to prevent HPV and cervical cancer, is safe. Researchers at Kaiser’s vaccine study center examined 190,000 female members of Kaiser Permanente’s health system. The women received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine between August 2006 and March 2008; about 44,000 women received all three doses.


Researchers followed the health of these women for two months following each dose of the vaccine, including visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations. They looked at more than 200 categories of illnesses. “Asthma, diabetes, nervous-system disorders, and medical conditions such as attention deficit disorder, back pain and other injuries were reviewed. In most cases the condition existed before the vaccine was given.”

They found the vaccine caused skin irritation, including redness and swelling at the injection site that occurs within two weeks of the shot, and possible fainting episodes on the day of inoculation. But they found no connection to any serious health problems.


Gardasil protects against four strains of HPV, two of which account for about 70 percent of all cervical cancer. Since it was first approved in 2006, the vaccine has been the subject of controversy, in part because it is recommended for girls as young as nine years of age. Opponents of the vaccine have argued without evidence that this forces parents to have uncomfortable conversations and gives young women permission to be promiscuous. Opponents have often used—and inflamed—parents fears about the safety of vaccines in general and this vaccine in particular to discourage its use. This study should help public-health experts and medical providers allay fears about safety.


As I like to say every time I write about this topic, we now have a vaccine to prevent a type of cancer. Run, don’t walk to the pediatrician’s office as soon as you can.

New Jersey Lawmaker Looking to Follow California’s Lead and Prohibit Reparative Therapy for Teens.


Last week, California became the first state to ban reparati.

ified LGB youth, aged 16-23, to examine how stress related to being part of a minority group was impacting their mental health. To determine stress levels, the researchers investigated how participants felt about their family, friends and peer support, as well as their connection to the LGB community as an emotional support. Participants were evaluated for mental distress and feelings of well-being -- the polar negative and positive of mental health.


While peer support certainly had an impact on the mental health of participants, researchers discovered that family support was more central to their sense of well-being. A lack of family support was found to significantly heighten mental distress among the study participants, which can lead to depression. In addition, researchers found that family acceptance had the strongest positive impact on self-acceptance of sexual orientation.


Adult LGBs who lack the support of their families, explains Dr. Shilo, often react by leaving their families behind. They build separate lives which can include families of choice, where peer groups, mainly from the LGB community, form an alternative family structure give each other the sam.


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