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Sexting is actually Regular as well as Summer time May be the Period to consider Intercourse

Latest Research on Sexting Says It’s… Normal


There has been a lot of focus on young people and sexting in the last few years which is understandable because it is a brand new sexual behavior and one that seems designed to get young people who are thought to have more tech-savvy than common sense in trouble (though Anthony Weiner and others may disagree with that assumption). The media certainly latched on to the idea that sexting had reached epidemic proportions among teens and continually suggests that it is a dangerous and even deviant behavior.


The newest academic research on the subject tells us that it’s neither.

Researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed 3,447 young men and women ages 18 to 24 and found that over half sexuality (57 percent) were not sexters. Among those who were sexters; 28.2 percent were two-way sexters, 12.6 percent were receivers, and 2 percent were senders. The researchers found that sexually-active respondents were more likely to be two-way sexters than those who were not sexually active (suggesting that it is a behavior done as part of a relationship). Interestingly, males were more likely to be receivers than their female counterparts.

Participants were also asked about their sexual behavior (how many sexual partners they’d had) and their psychological well-being.


The researchers found that there was no difference between sexters and non-sexters. Specifically, among participants who were sexually active in the past 30 days, the study found no differences “across sexting groups in the number of sexual partners or the number of unprotected sex partners in the past 30 days.” It also found no relationship between sexting and psychological well-being; sexters did not, in fact, report increased anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem as has been suggested cheap male vibrators in media stories.


The authors say that most studies on sexting havefocused on who is doing it and not on whether sexting impacts their health. They believe the findings “should help reverse the negative perception the news media-gobbling public has of sexting as a deviant or even criminal behavior.” That said, they acknowledge that this study looks at participants who were considerably older than the pre-teens whose sexting behavior dominate the media discussions on this topic. One of the authors explained: “For younger age groups, legality is an issue. They are also in a very different place in their sexual development.”


For older groups it seems that sending pictures of your privates to a good friend doesn’t have much impact on your sexual health—you’re political career, though, may be another story.


Caffeine and Alcohol Together May Lead to More Casual Sex and More Drunk Sex than Alcoh.


Experiences of best anal sex toys LGBTQ youth. For their research, Robinson and Espelage surveyed a large, population-based anonymous sample of more than 13,000 students spanning middle to high school in 30 schools in Dane County, Wisconsin. This sample was unique and more likely reflects the full spectrum of LQBTQ students, they said, because it included middle school students, not just high school students, and students who identified themselves as transgender.


The sample recruitment methods did not specifically target sexual minority students, they added.Schools have opportunities from an equity and opportunity-to-learn perspective to help LGBTQ students who have lower levels of belongingness and higher levels of truancy, particularly in middle school, the researchers suggested. Early intervention may be crucial. In addition, they wrote that incorporating discussions about sexual orientation and sexual identity in bullying prevention programs may contribute to safer environments and more positive outcomes for LGBTQ youth.


In the journal article, Robinson and Espelage cited other pertinent research findings about bullying that have been reported within the past five years.


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