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Papaya Toys Grape Tattoo Vibe review

Vibrator Review

Papaya Toys have been around for quite some time now, but for all the well-known sex toy companies we've tried products from, we never got around to theirs. Now that we've played with the Grape Tattoo vibrator though, we wish we'd tested one of their products sooner!

It comes in a white box with a magnetic flap lid, with simple discreet graphics on it. The box is plenty strong enough for permanent storage but it's large, so if space is an issue you may want to opt for using the black silk storage pouch that's included instead. It's definitely packaged in a way that would be worthy of gift-giving, hinting at quality massager rather than cheap sex toy

The vibrator is 9 long, 5 of which is insertable, and made of firm medical grade silicone from US suppliers that's a plus for the health conscious among us. It's seamless, with a bulb-shaped head that's 1.5 wide, and under that the shaft bells out from 1.25 to 1.75 wide at the base. There is the slightest bit of curve to it down the entire length, and the shaft is just flexible enough to help it conform to the body. On either side are raised tribal tattoo designs that can be felt during use as an indistinct texture that's not overwhelming.

Now, the silicone isn't overly grabby as far as friction against the skin goes, but it does create enough drag that between that, the size, and the texture, we did need to use lube with it. Just a reminder here: Silicone based lubes can damage silicone sex toys, so stick with the water based varieties if you get this toy.

The bottom portion of the toy, below the turquoise band y.

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less your cheap sex toys is specifically designed for use in the bath or shower, in other words its waterproof, you should never let your sex toys come into contact with water.? Using a sex toy cleaner after use before you put your toy away for storage will help it last longer too.

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