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Nexus Gyro Man G-Spot Massager Evaluation

Nexus Gyro

The Nexus Gyro is a prostate stimulator from the same people who brought you the high quality anal cheap sex toy range including those in the sex toy reviews you’ll find here. Nexus obviously recognise that as with all cheap sex toys, what works and what doesn’t is very specific to each and every one of us. So they produce a range of toys each with a different character.

The Gyro is constructed from soft silicone, is entirely smooth (except for a soft surface finish to encourage it to take lube) and has no vibrating bullet.

For me the Gyro is almost at the limit of what I can accept up my ass. It’s not particularly large, but its shape means that inserting it into my rectal cavity took a little experimentation. Suze tried first with me on all fours. This simply didn’t work despite copious amounts of lube. I flipped over and let her try and insert the Gyro while I lifted my knees to my chest. Again I had to ask her to stop.

I found the best way of inserting the Gyro is by your own hand. Laying on my back with a little more lube I was able to ease the Gyro inside. When in place the Gyro is comfortable and very effective. I was sporting a very firm semi by the time it had settled into place and dribbling prostate fluid more copiously than with any other stimulator I’ve tried. Suze helped herself to the clear nectar, while squatting beside me twiddling absent mindedly w.

it. This is by far the most unusual story in the book, because it's pure fantasy steeped in magic, so it's easy to lose track of what's real and what's not when she takes her mythological lover. It's extremely well written though; a very sensual grown up fairy tale.

A couple of the stories are about healing, such as Bubble Music by Toi James. The main character is a southern waitress who struggles with the fears about sex that were ingrained in her by an abusive ex husband. Her healing begins when a friend takes her to a rather unusual art exhibit where the patrons create the art. Her canvas is a nude male model who tells her; You can pose me any way you like and paint me any way you like. You can touch me anywhere you like.I'm your subject, your model, your canvas. What happens in the art gallery is entertaining, but what happens later in the model's private garden is nothing short of a beautiful sexual awakening.

Some readers might frown on the fact that eight of the eleven stories involve sex with strangers, and only two use condoms. Don't get your panties in a twist though. This book is meant to be an interlude that takes you away from the complications of real-life sex with hot spontaneous *fantasies*, where STDs and unwanted pregnancies have no business interrupting. That doesn't make the stories feel any less real though. The dialogue is believable and the feelings that these women experience are something that many women can relate to.

The sex scenes are heterosexually oriented, but there are small parts of girl/girl play in a couple of the stories. Sexual acts are described in a way that is explicit enough to be arousing but not gross by any standard, and there's no anal or BDSM to turn off the less adventurous readers.

One unique thing.

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